Male to Female Gender Transformations


  1. Q

    I'm new to this and really nervous - what should I expect?


    That's totally okay! Most people are nervous (but really excited, too) their first time. After your appointment has been booked, we'll chat, either via email or phone, about the look(s) you're after. We'll then formulate a plan to make that happen. I promise - you'll have fun!
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    I need to be very discreet - is your studio totally private?


    My St. Paul studio is totally private. You can arrive in guy-mode and leave totally transformed without anyone knowing. My Uptown studio is located inside my retail store. I do have a private room but my store is open to the public 11 am - 7 pm. We can work with the door closed, but I can't guarantee you won't be seen leaving your appointment by other customers shopping in the store. If you want total privacy, I do recommend my St. Paul location.
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    I want a makeover but I don't have anything (clothes, wigs or shoes) - can I still do a makeover?


    Of course you can!! Book a Let's Dress Up and you can try on things from my wardrobe. I have a variety of clothing, shoes, wigs, etc. - we would just need to discuss sizes prior to your appointment.
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    Will my appointment be with you or someone else?


    I usually do the appointments. An exception would be if I was fully booked and you really, really wanted to get in. In that case, I would have my assistant take the appointment if you were comfortable with that.
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    I want to have a makeover, but I can't leave with the makeup on. Is that still possible?


    Definitely!! I have everything we need to completely get the makeup off and I will help you to ensure everything is removed.
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    I know you require a deposit to book an appointment but I don't want it showing on my credit card. What can I do?


    No problem! A good solution if you are unable to pay the deposit with cash in person is to purchase a Visa Gift Card in an amount to cover your deposit. I can take that over the phone just like a credit card. You can pay the balance the day of your appointment in cash. No knows a thing!
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    Do you sell clothing, wigs or shoes?


    Yes and no. I don't technically keep an inventory of clothes, shoes or wigs to sell. However, if you absolutely fell in love with something I had, in most cases (there are a few items near and dear to me I couldn't part with), I'd probably be willing to sell it to you. I do usually do have a new wig or two on hand in case you wanted something new.
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    I want a makeover but need total confidentiality. No photos or anything on the internet. Can you do that?


    Absolutely! All sessions are totally confidential. I only take photos if you request, and never for myself (that's why I have so few images of my work) unless it's a photoshoot. In that case, I would specifically have asked you to participate and would require you to sign release forms and usage permission, etc. You won't have to worry about a thing! I am a MASTER secret keeper. :)
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    When do you take appointments?


    It depends - I'm usually pretty flexible but varies based on the day and time. I do suggest the sooner you know your plans, the sooner you contact me (especially if you're coming from out of town). My schedule can get very full so if you wait too long, you may not be able to get an appointment on the day or time you want. Standard hours are 10:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday - Friday. Saturday and Sunday appointment times vary. After hour appointments may be subject to after hours fee of $25+.

Some of my favorite local resources

The following are locally owned small businesses in Minneapolis I like to refer to clients when they ask where to go for certain things or places to visit. These all have a safe and welcoming environment. These are all my personal suggestions, I've not been paid or bribed to promote!! I just think they are great places. :D

Midwest Makeup Supply - for all your makeup needs with a knowledgeable and friendly staff.
Sunny's Wigs - great selection of wigs, wonderful staff.
Bondesque - upscale BDSM/Fetish fashion, accessories and other fun stuff.
TownHouse Bar - quiet, safe and welcoming venue to grab a cocktail or take in a quick show (cash only)
LUSH - safe and welcoming venue, delicious food, great cocktails, awesome entertainment several nights a week

Ground Zero - Industrial/Goth Bondage/GoGo night club. Fun for dancing and domination (there's usually a dominatrix working Saturday). 
Kinky Friday - Themed Kink Party on the first Friday of each month located in the Annex at the Gay 90s. Super fun!

Still have questions? Email us!