Male to Female Gender Transformations


Hi! My name is Corrie (I'm the nerd in all the photos) - gender transformation specialist and lover of Halloween, tiny dogs, Bloody Marys and makeup!

I love makeup. In fact, I'm a junkie. But!! It's not the shiny packaging or bright colors that make me love it so much. It's the transformation that occurs. It's how makeup can boost someone's confidence - make a bad day better, or give someone the courage they need to try something new, talk to a stranger, sing a new song at karaoke (I LOVE karaoke)...whatever it may be.

Over the years I've discovered how much I enjoyed helping people look and feel beautiful, inside and out!  It goes far beyond the makeup I put on people's faces.  I really enjoy meeting new people, sharing my knowledge and working on such a personal level with my clients.

I also understand how scary it can be walking into a department store or salon looking for beauty advice. Or how difficult it can be to find someone willing to help and answer some of the questions that come up. I work really hard to provide a safe, welcoming and judgement-free space to give you the help you need. And I LOVE doing it.

So whether you crossdress and are in need of some makeup guidance, or want to see yourself through someone elses eyes - I'm here to help!! I cover everything from basic to advanced lessons and applications, to product selection and solutions for any makeup and beauty related issues you might be having. Regardless of what your experience or comfort level working with makeup is - I am confident we can make you look and feel like the Fierce Femme you are!!

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking Femme Makeovers out! I look forward to working with you!


Makeup....the possibilities are endless.